EATS: Keynote Presentation 16 June 2023 1115 - 1215

 ASCEND Main Results and Perspectives
Cooling at cryogenic temperature conventional electric components and using high temperature superconducting technologies are promising to significantly increase performance of electric propulsion systems especially with liquid hydrogen on board. With ASCEND (Advanced Superconducting and Cryogenic Experimental powertraiN Demonstrator), AIRBUS UpNext intends to demonstrate the feasibility and the potential of a cryogenic and superconducting powertrain to breakthrough aircraft electric propulsion. Since 2021, six main components have been developed and are currently being tested: a superconducting DC distribution with protection, a cryogenic power electronics, a superconducting AC cable, a superconducting motor, a cryo-cooling system, and a powertrain monitoring and control. These components are currently being integrated and tested in a specific test bench in Airbus Ottobrunn, Germany.

The results and tests will support a decision-making process for the type of propulsion system for future aircraft. This talk will be focused on the progress of the project by presenting the different components of the demonstrator and the first test results.
  • Ludovic-Ybanez-2023 Ludovic Ybanez
    Head of ASCEND Demonstrator & Managing Director of Airbus ExO Zero Emission SAS, Airbus UpNext