Engineering Apollo: Flight Simulation 8 January 2020 1630 - 1800

This session will explore how simulation was used to develop the Apollo spacecraft, train the Apollo astronauts, and conduct integrated mission simulations, enabling the success of the Apollo lunar landing program. We will discuss the Apollo Mission Simulator and the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle and their impact on the program with key Apollo participants.

  • John-Tylko John Tylko
    Chief Innovation Officer, Aurora Flight Sciences, A Boeing Company
  • Frank Hughes
    President, Tietronix; and Chief, Space Flight Training, NASA (Former)
  • Col. David R. Scott, USAF, Ret.
    NASA Astronaut (Former), Gemini VIII, Apollo 9, and Apollo 15
  • Wayne_Ottinger_Photo Wayne Ottinger
    President, Aerospace Legacy Engineering & Technology Recovery Organization; and Lunar Landing Training Vehicle Technical Director and Base Manager, NASA (ret.)