DBF 2024



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Registration Form for Competitors and Visitors

New-IconNEW FOR 2024: All team members must have a valid AIAA Student Membership. Membership numbers of all team members must be submitted with the team rosters during the initial proposal round. You may join at any time by going to the AIAA Student Membership website. Membership numbers are provided instantly upon payment of membership fees.

New-IconNEW FOR 2024: All teams and students participating in DBF are expected to uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship during the competition and abide by the AIAA Code of Ethics. Attempts to intentionally violate the rules or negatively impact the performance of other teams will not be tolerated. Penalties for violations will be decided by the Contest Administration and may range from a warning to a loss of flight score up to disqualification from the current and future competitions.   

SIMNET Designer Sponsored License for Student Competitions
SIMNET Designer is a next-generation drone design and simulation environment that runs on your web browser.  SIMNET provides a unique set of capabilities including multidisciplinary analysis of drone performance, and simulation of manual and autonomous flight on realistic environmental conditions.  Learn more at www.simnet.aero/designer. You may sign up for a 1-year sponsored student team license through the following link: https://www.simnet.aero/sponsorship.