Women@SciTech - Bringing Your Authentic Self To The Table 14 January 2021 1200 - 1300

Do I need to change myself to be successful in STEM or Aerospace? This panel will provide insights and advice on the importance of individuality in professional success and bringing your authentic self into everything you do. This will be a free-flowing discussion on intersectionality, imposter syndrome, and dispelling powerful myths within STEM and aerospace. Diverse journeys through aerospace and STEM will be highlighted to make clear that there is not one defined path towards success.
  • Melissa-Sampson-2023 Melissa Sampson
    Space Infrastructure, Strategy & Business Development Senior Manager, Lockheed Martin Commercial and Civil Space
  • harshini_sivakumar Harshini Sivakumar
    Undergraduate Student at Georgia Tech; Expansion Subcommittee Chair, Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics (WoAA)