Nominations and Elections

Nominations for AIAA Board of Trustees – Members-at-Large and for Board of Trustees Treasurer are Now Being Accepted Through 14 August

The AIAA Executive Nominating Committee (ENC) will compile lists of potential nominees for the Board of Trustees – Members-at-Large and for the Board of Trustees Treasurer.  These lists will include nominees who will be selected to go to the next step of competency review and interview held by the nominating committee.  The ENC will select specific candidates for the Institute’s Board of Trustees – Members-at-Large and for Board of Trustees Treasurer in September 2020.  The Board of Trustees – Members-at-Large will be voted on by the Council of Directors and the Board of Trustees Treasurer will be voted on by the Board of Trustees.  Elections will be held in March 2021 and announced soon thereafter.

The specific list of skills and competencies being sought for this election of Board of Trustees – Members-at-Large and the Board of Trustees Treasurer are:

  • Vision: Persons who have the ability to understand present states, clearly define what they should be in the future, and identify steps to achieve those ends.
  • Diverse Business Acumen: Persons who have the knowledge and understanding of the financial, accounting, marketing, communications, human resources, policy, and operational functions of an organization as well as the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions.
  • Domestic and International Aerospace Knowledge and Experience: Board membership reflects: a) the breadth of the various major sectors of aerospace both domestic and international; b) all levels of technology and systems development from basic research through all technology readiness levels to product development and deployment; and c) from different disciplines within aerospace.
  • Leadership/Strategy/Execution: Persons who have the ability to create a shared vision, obtain participation and buy-in, and achieve successful results.
  • AIAA Leadership and Participation: Board membership reflects experience in successful participation in a wide variety of leadership positions within AIAA, as well as knowledge of the new governance model.
  • Experience in adjacent aerospace areas: As the Institute broadens its reach beyond the traditional “Breguet Equation” disciplines, Board members who have experience in and strategic perspectives in these adjacent areas will broaden the Board’s view on new and emerging areas.
  • Contacts with new or developing leaders: As the Board evolves it is important that its membership be viewed as experiencing change as well.  Board members who have knowledge of emerging leaders will be able to effectively assist in that endeavor.
  • Experience with organizational growthPersons with experience in significantly growing organizations will serve as a resource to the Board as the Institute seeks to grow.
  • Experience with change or transition management: Board members with prior experience in organizational change or transition will serve as a vital resource to the Board as it seeks to execute its role.
  • Demographic diversity: In addition to reflecting the membership’s diversity in the industry and volunteer involvement, it is important that the new Board membership be seen as reflecting demographic diversity (e.g., gender, ethnicity, age, etc.) as well.

AIAA members may nominate qualified individuals for the AIAA Board of Trustees Member-at-Large or for the Board of Trustees Treasurer by submitting in no more than three pages consisting of:

  • Nominee’s Bio and/or CV and history of AIAA activities and/or engagement with other professional societies
  • Statement from the nominee of willingness and ability to serve if elected
  • Statement from the nominee addressing how he/she meets the sought competencies

Please submit nominations directly to Christopher Horton, AIAA Governance Secretary,, no later than 1800 hrs EDT, 14 August 2020.