Nominations and Elections

 2023 AIAA Election

Voting is Now Closed!

On behalf of the Elections Committee, it is a great privilege to present the 2023 candidates for your consideration. Your participation in this year’s election will help determine the direction of AIAA. Critical decisions await the leadership in almost every area of the Institute. The Board of Trustees and Council of Directors are planning the way forward and working closely with staff and members to fulfill these plans.

The Executive Nominating Committee and Council Nominating Committee have assembled an outstanding slate of candidates. We urge you to carefully consider each candidate and select those who most closely reflect your values and your vision for the future of AIAA. All candidates are highly qualified, and all are anxious to serve.

2023 Election Guide 

Note: Members may not receive a ballot for all positions listed in the AIAA Election Guide.

  • The voting members who belong to Region I, Region II, and Region VII shall elect the Regional Director for their region.
  • The voting members who are less than 36 years old at the time of the election shall elect the Young Professional Director-Elect.

The 2023 election is being held from 1–17 February 2023, and we will continue to vote electronically. We have taken steps to ensure the voting process will be smooth and efficient. We are using the independent third-party vendor, Survey and Ballot Systems, who we have used in the past to monitor the process and the web-based voting system. Anyone who requests a paper ballot will receive one. Please use the electronic voting system if possible but if you need a paper ballot, then please request one through Survey & Ballot Systems at 952.974.2339 or (Monday–Friday, 0800–1700 hrs CST). Beginning 1 February, all ballots must arrive at AIAA or be submitted online by 1500 hrs EST, 17 February 2023.

As with all democratic elections, it is a privilege and responsibility to vote and make your voice heard. We encourage you to vote today! Thank you for your service and continued commitment to AIAA.

Voting is Now Closed!

The candidates are:


  • Daniel E. Hastings, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Integration and Outreach Activities Division
Director- Business and Management Group

  • Gustavo Ordonez, Icarus Management Consulting, and University of California
  • Abdi Khodadoust, The Boeing Company

Director- International Activities Group

  • Thomas Sebastion, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Robert Winn, Engineering Systems, Inc.

Director-Elect Young Professional Group

  • Bryan Kowalczyk, University of Cincinnati

Regional Engagement Activities Division
Director–Region I

  • Timothy Dominick, Northrop Grumman Defense Systems
  • Kyle Zittle, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Director–Region II

  • Ryan Sherrill, Air Force Research Laboratory

Director–Region VII

  • Cees Bil, RMIT University

Technical Activities Division
Director– Aircraft Technology, Integration, and Operations Group

  • David Maroney, The MITRE Corporation

Director– Space and Missiles Group

  • Stephen Blanchette, The Aerospace Corporation
Your Institute, YOUR VOTE!

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